MADE TO ORDER: Weird Bathroom Decor - Fart

MADE TO ORDER: Weird Bathroom Decor - Fart


Shower Art makes a wonderful gift for someone who needs a reminder every once in awhile to be in the now. Buy one for a crazy person you know. They'll love it. Guaranteed. If you're looking for a unique gift idea - you found it. Poof!

Shower Art is waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Or anywhere else. We're no dictators. There is a suction cup on the back for you to stick in your shower, on your mirror, refrigerator. They will stick on any flat, slightly shiny surface.

This Shower Art measures 1 inch around. It says, "Fart" and has a tiny squatting figure inside.

When you order this item, I will send you a photo of all the mini "Fart" themed pieces that I currently have in stock. You can select your favorite and I will ship it to you in 48 hours.

If none of those pieces grab you, I'm happy to create a "Fart" themed piece to your specifications. You can select the gender of the figure as well as up to three different colors of glitter for the background. Custom pieces take about 2 weeks to create and cure.

Shower Art is made out of rubber, glitter, discarded toys and a fair amount of sarcasm.

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