MADE TO ORDER: Weird Bathroom Decor - Poop

MADE TO ORDER: Weird Bathroom Decor - Poop


Shower Art makes a wonderful gift for someone who needs a reminder every once in awhile to be in the now. Buy one for a crazy person you know. They'll love it. Guaranteed. If you're looking for a unique gift idea - you found it. Poof!

Shower Art is waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Or anywhere else. We're no dictators. There is a suction cup on the back for you to stick in your shower, on your mirror, refrigerator. They will stick on any flat, slightly shiny surface.

This Shower Art measures 1 inch around. It says, "Poop" and has a tiny poop -- or an architectural miniature man or woman inside. Because this item is made to order, you can select up to three different colors of glitter for the background. Specify your glitter preferences in the order notes -- also, please let us know if you would like a different gender represented in the piece.

Shower Art is made out of rubber, glitter, discarded toys and a fair amount of sarcasm.

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